100% cotton texture; 20%cotton/80%polyester coating
FREE SIZE: with a customizable string at back inherent sweatband.
FOLDABLE: creases up effectively, reduced and impeccable as an angling or travel caps.
Separable CHIN STRAP: flexible for a superior fit; won't brushed off when it gets breezy.
SPF 50+: this sun cap has breezed through UPF 50+ test, it could square at least 97.5% of sun UV beams.
WIDE BRIM: measures long, sufficiently expansive to shade temple, eyes and cheeks from sun uv beam.
The shape looks extremely lovable.


Asian Shoes Wonder 13 Men's Sports Shoes

Asian Shoes are for standard solace wear.
The body of this shoe is in a nonpartisan dark shading with light blue accents.
The upper material keeps air dissemination while directed lower legs take full care of your feet when you go out for running.
This Asian Sports shoe is made with an external work material for prevalent solace and ventilation.
The Lace-Up walled in area guarantees a firm fit while as yet being agreeable while you are playing or on a day out.
Enable your combine of shoes to air and de-odorize at a consistent premise, this additionally causes them hold their regular shape and remain new.


The HP essential knapsack guarantees finish security to your 15.6 Inch PC with its fantastic form and extensive variety of inherent highlights.
With within this sack including a defensive cushioning, you can rest guaranteed that the workstation inside it will be all around padded from any unintentional harm caused when you chance upon any surface.
As it made of nylon, this HP workstation knapsack can withstand scraped spots and is durable.
Alongside being tough, nylon additionally guarantees that this rucksack can survive rough open air utilize, subsequently you can certainly wear this sack while you are out outdoors.
This knapsack is likewise water-safe and guards your workstation in wet and sodden conditions.