Bigger Display, 'BirdsEye' View: The garmin Launches New Hand held Gps device

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Garmin Worldwide can offer a new outdoor mobile device that can heat RINEX Larger Display, 'BirdsEye' uncooked proportions, the GPSMAP 66. "We achieved excellent results by reaching the device with ambiguity during the vendor phase, and I imagine a lot of people will think about this feature from the unit created for that purpose," he said. Jared Bancroft, GNSS Detectors and Methods, The Garmin, in an email to the Globe device. "We found much better accuracy than 30 cm." The GPSMAP 66 is a high-end outdoor mobile device with extended Wi-Fi and immediate use of the BirdsEye satellite TV unit for viewing PC and 3-inch images. Stain show readable in the sun. The mobile terminal is available in two versions, the GPSMAP 66 and the features GPSMAP 66st. The latter provides previously loaded topographical road signs for U. Azines. and Northamerica. Pros and Gps enthusiasts will understand the addition of the visited RINEX files that allow a precision of the speaker-meter position of the Gps device shortly after digestion, says the garmin mentioned in an argument. "The GPSMAP 66st builds on the legacy of the GPSMAP series with the help of new features such as an even larger display, a temperature forecast and simple and immediate satellite TV usage for images computer, "said Serta Bartel, The garmin second-in-command of global customer sales. "Among the adjustable GNSS media, support and connection for the new Garmin Explore iPad app, the new GPSMAP 66s and the GPSMAP 66st are reliable friends for all adventures." The handheld can receive real-time temperature updates because it can be paired over a wireless network to a suitable mobile phone.

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