Cover Account: Ariana Grandes

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During the 1990s, I became a dark villa in Cover Story: Ariana the coniferous city, and one day I went to a beauty salon in the future with all my hair shaved. I liked the effect similar to the pixie-ould when I came home, my child did not recognize me. When I named his name, he figured, but my voice obviously came from the wrong person. His contract with crumpled, and the man escaped by chance, shouting the SereneLife light fixture in light-fixture text, 'Mom! Head of hair! Mom! Head of hair! ' in the hands of our Moldovan babysitter, a girl he usually avoided but was now his only location inside a hurricane. I realized its effect once I did not whiten everything in two years, and I received a useful rhinoplasty with the best plastic surgeon of choice. In the end, I did not take the lead because I was very afraid of the consequences - anything that could be improved - but what everyone would consider and perceive. "But we love your massive nasal area, absolutely hooked", remember me best. 'That's why you. ' All this by using the preamble before moving easily to Facegate, such as the new and unrecognizable physical appearance of actress Renee Zellweger. The legend has been categorical: its fresh appearance is the natural and satisfied answer to a more peaceful life and healthier choices, just as mothers of natural stone supermodels should attribute their emaciated frames to a "circular race as a result of your children '. Cosmetic surgeons or plastic surgeons master the potential methods that the occasional actress might have experienced, from eyelid handles to fillers. However, the legend that their self basically: "Maybe I seem diverse. Who does not grow old? President Mariella Frostrup, meanwhile, broke into a public outcry: "There is nothing wrong with Renée Zellweger being treated.

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