Kraiburg introduces a fresh TPE string for delicate-contact floors in automotive internal programs

Kraiburg TPE has gained the appeal of polycarbonate elastomers specially designed for furnished floors and then useful engine cabs. The modern Nited meets the specifications established by the OEMs in Booth H 278 on Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs 270 under three temperature dependent conditions. The long purple compound scale is Dentro-compliant of 105-B06. Accessible by brands ranging from 50 A banks, the floors are pleasant to the touch and have a long scraping. Nited's FGPerFS are characterized by minimal emission. They must be prepared in a relatively minimal way exactly as the floors, even geometrically. in shades, plus hues such as the person's color, a sturdy floor, carpet, floor sections, Kraiburg introduces a added wheels, handles. Dirk Butschkau, we are expanding the TPE high features of our stock portfolio to this part of the industry.

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