Rectangular: 51 Per cent Of GPV Arises From Larger Sellers

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We can not contain the big without the negative, which seems to be particularly true, it seems, with product reviews on the Web - a vital and useful part of ecommerce that is venerated by customers, retailers and merchants. There is now an innovative case of false assessments. He goes down to the Ough. Azine. FTC Federal Trade Commission, which was rather active now in the process of transactions and digital payments. The Federal Trade Commission said it had presented "its original case, which was to use fake assessments paid by online marketers using an unbiased features website for retail". The situation concerns "Heal Encapsulations, Corporation and its owner, Naftula Jacobowitz", to whom the Federal Trade Commission mentioned "settled claims that they produced false and unverified statements for their excessive weight, a reduction in weight , and they paid third social gathering site to write and publish bogus reviews on " The agency imposed a dollar12. $ 8 trillion in objective views on offenders in this bogus online review case - although, if the organization pays $ 55,500 per year, in addition to the "outstanding special tax liabilities", that amount from the point of view complete objective will be suspended. The Federal Trade Commission has also asked "offenders to generate reports of excessive weight loss, hunger reduction, fat prevention or state cure for any supplement, food product or drug , unless of course to have competent and reliable technical data, by means of human medical tests assisting the statements. " Offenders must "send e-mail updates to customers who have ordered Garcinia Cambogia Premium Encapsulation Tablets, detailing the FTC's claims for efficacy."

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