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Chinatip Boonchokhirunmeta Niš Cycling made its contact to grow the business in Bangkok Child, Chinatip Boonchokhirunmeta constantly dreamed of turning into a traitor bicycle owner. His Saturday and Sunday recreation area was a small cycle shop in the community where it is usually held to different small quarries without shell. "Although I would have been a child, I liked to collect revenue to buy car parts and accessories bi cycle to change myself. But as I am old, this interest came smothered in a busy work schedule and other passions, "Chinatip now and thirty-seven were recalled. About there about ten years, however, he begins his joy for cycling right after shortly fater he began cycling the function. In the past, he distributed as a photojournalist and owner of your website mass media. "I considered cycling to work in an effort to avoid congestion of Bangkok traffic," he said. Tiny did he know then that reconnection about her passion for years the child would turn into a small business that is the hub of the bicycle industry in Thailand. The Chinatip bi-cycle path is slowly became normal working mode and to distract the great bike to join residential areas across the country. brands He took part in the contest and started marketing cycling clothing on the web. office worker by day, night shop. "Racing bikes and accessories in Bangkok and Cycle scheme were expensive," he recalled. "The requirement for road cycles was minimal, and so was the production. " In this difference, Chinatip saw a small possibility of business to develop its own brand of sport bikes with Maker single equipment design supplier.

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